Jun 13

Serious Gaming to achieve a utopia

Posted in New Media - Serious Games

While comparing our real world with games there is one big difference: a goal. Every game has goals the player has to achieve and therefore players are motivated to play the game.

In our society, there is no clear goal. Every individual is trying to figure out what to do with his life, and most won’t ever find anything satisfactory. Because of this reason, people become egocentric and that might be the cause of all ‘negative’ actions happening. Negative is relative to ones perspective, but this clearly states the problem: because there is no common goal, all standards one has are relative to whatever suits him/herself best. If humanity has a clear common goal, everyone will work towards this goal, together. Proof for this exists in our history where we survived in groups. Even in the fictional Star Trek universe humanity assembled when they figured they were not alone.

Even a utopia is relative to ones goals. Is it happiness? Education? To achieve utopia you must first define what a utopia is. And that requires, indeed, a goal that applies for every member of the utopia.

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